RPGメーカーXP用の文字とタイルセットの画像のサイズを変更することができます – RS_Resize.js

This plugin can resize Character and Tileset images for RPG Maker XP.
Character images
To resize size of the character image for RPG Maker XP,
You need to execute the following code.


The above function creates a new image for RMXP.
'convert_img' folder will be going to automatically open after formed a work.

Tileset images (Auto-tile floors and normal tiles)
To convert tilesets used for RPG Maker XP, Start up the game and
execute the following plugin command.


There is no arguments in the plugin command and read all tile set images.
wait for a second after calling above plugin command
and then it will be opened up the folder called 'convert_img'.

Notice that the most of Auto-tiles doesn't be compatible with RMXP.

In the RPG Maker XP, Internally the one Auto-tile floor is that composited four tiles.
Each tiles have a size 16 x 16 px, But tiles of RPG Maker MV have a size of 24 x 24px.
You can understand they are different each other.
Furthermore, some Auto-tiles couldn't resize the size of it,
therefore this couldn't create the correct Auto-tile.

The Auto-tile floor consists of two parts!
First, There are four lines of 12 tiles.
The first lines that will be resized to 32 x 32px.
(the middle tile of its line is empty)

Second, the size of other three lines are completely the same as RPG Maker MV,
so they couldn't resize the size of it and basically doesn't be compatible with RMXP.

- Animated auto-tiles will be supported, but it may contain incorrect pixel.
- Some Auto-tile walls may contain an incorrect pixel.
- Auto-tile walls(A4) wouldn't be supported, it contains in the normal tile.

Change Log
2018.11.26 (v1.0.0) - First Release.
( なし )
  • MIT License
The MIT License
Copyright (c) 2018 biud436
Free for commercial and non commercial use.

紹介ページ https://github.com/biud436/MV/blob/master/RS_Resize.js