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2015.12.22 (v1.0.0) - First Release.
2016.03.20 (v1.0.1) - Added parameter called key.
2016.08.13 (v1.0.2) - Added previewWindow.
2016.11.27 (v1.0.3) - Added the code that can delete the texture from the memory.
2016.11.27 (v1.0.4) : Fixed preview window in the html format instead of an image.
- Displays the name of the screen shot file in the preview window.
- Plays the sound when you are taking a screenshot.
2016.12.08 (v1.0.42) - Added code to remove references to URL objects.
2018.02.27 (v1.0.5) :
- Fixed the getPath function issue in RMMV 1.6.0.
- Changed the source code for RMMV 1.6.0.
2018.04.25 (v1.0.6) - Added a feature that allows you to select the file format in the screenshot.
2019.03.13 (v1.0.7) :
- Fixed the issue that is not showing the image to preview window in the RMMV 1.6.2
2020.07.07 (v1.0.8) :
- Added in-game screenshot preview window.
date 2015.12.22

param key
type number
desc Please set the virtual key code value.
Default button sets to F7 (118)
default 118

param Screenshot Preview Window
type boolean
desc To activate the preview window, change to true.
default true

param In-Game Preview Window
type boolean
desc To activate the in-game preview, change to true.
default false

param Play Se
type boolean
desc Change to true to play sound when taking screenshots.
default true

param Se Name
desc Specify a sound file from audio/se folder.
default Save
require 1
dir audio/se/
type file

param file format
text File Format
type select
desc Select desired file format in the game screenshot.
default png
option png
value png
option jpeg
value jpeg

reference http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32613060/how-to-take-screenshot-with-node-webkit

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The MIT License
Copyright (c) 2015 biud436
Free for commercial and non commercial use.

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