RS_VideoControl.js – RS_VideoControl.js

This plugin allows you to indicate the play control bar of a video
Plugin Command

This plugin command shows up the control bar with Html Video Element.
VideoControl show true

This plugin command hides the control bar with Html Video Element.
VideoControl show false

In the all of html elements, They have a z-depth value.
They have a default z-index, as follows.
Game Canvas : 1
Video Element : 2
Loading Element : 3
Mode Box ELement : 9
Error Printer Element : 99

this plugin command allows you to change the z-index value for video element.

VideoControl zIndex 1000

To change Playback Rate value for video, you can use this plugin command.
its default value is to 1.0.
the 0.5 value is to slow the playback speeds by 50%,
the 2.0 value is the playback speeds up by 2X.

VideoControl playbackRate 1.0

This plugim command plays the video from any time without playing it from 0.0 seconds.
The 'src' is the actual name of the movie file with the missing extension.
The 'time' is the value of the time to play.
VideoControl src time

Change Log
2016.05.07 (v1.0.0) - First Release
2016.10.21 (v1.0.1) - Fixed some funtions (RMMV 1.3.2)
2017.06.10 (v1.0.2) - Fixed the plugin command and the code for RMMV 1.5.0
2019.02.28 (v1.0.3) - Added some plugin commands.
param zIndex
desc range of the z-index is a number between 0 and 2147483647.
default 1000
min 0
max 2147483647

param Show Control Bar
type boolean
desc Set whether shows a control bar on a video
default true

  • MIT License
The MIT License
Copyright (c) 2016 biud436
Free for commercial and non commercial use.