Allows you to create a Shop that turns ON Switches when something is purchased from the Shop. – SRD_SwitchShop.js

Allows you to create a Shop that turns ON Switches when something is purchased from the Shop.

Switch Shop
Version 1.01

This Plugin allows you to set up a Shop for the Player.
However, unlike normal Shops, this Shop sells Items that, when purchased,
turn on a Switch.

The Items themselves will not be added to the inventory of the Party,
only the Switch will be turned on.

How to Set up a Switch Shop

In order to set up a Switch Shop, run the Plugin Command:


This will make it so the next "Shop Processing" will be a Switch Shop.
So, obviously, after running that Plugin Command, run a Shop Processing.

Within the Shop Processing, list all the items you wish to sell; you can
learn how to set up the Items by reading the text below:

How to Set up an Item for the Switch Shop

To create an Item to be sold in the Switch Shop, you must first create
it within the Database as an actual Item.

The Name, Icon, and Price will automatically be used in the Switch Shop,
but you must also use the following Notetags to set up the other info:

<Switch Shop Switch: number>

This will set the Switch ID that purchasing this Item will turn ON.

<Switch Shop Description>
</Switch Shop Description>

These will allow you to set up the description of the Item in the Switch
Shop. Since it is possible for the Help Window to have more or less than
two lines in the Switch Shop, this will allow you to easily set up a
description for the Item.

End of Help File

Welcome to the bottom of the Help file.

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param Help Window Lines
desc The amount of lines the Help Window for the Switch Shop is.
default 3

param Buy Window Cols
desc The amount of columns the Buy Window for the Switch Shop has.
default 1