/fonts/フォルダからカスタムフォントを読み込む – YEP_LoadCustomFonts.js

Load custom fonts from the /fonts/ folder
Introduction & Instructions

For those using custom fonts, you may have noticed that not all fonts from
the /fonts/ directory are loaded at the time the game is loaded. This plugin
let's you place the fonts into the /fonts/ directory and then load them as
the game starts.

To use this plugin, follow these instructions:

The plugin parameters 'Font Filenames' and 'Font Families' have to be filled
out in correspondence to each other. The order of each font entry must match
each other's. For example:

Font Filenames: cc-wild-words.ttf, ds-pixel-cyr.ttf

Font Families: CC Wild Words, DS Pixel Cyr

In the above example, 'cc-wild-words.ttf' will use 'CC Wild Words' as its
font family and 'ds-pixel-cyr.ttf' will use 'DS Pixel Cyr'. For the plugins
that use font names such as YEP's Message Core, you will be using the Font
Family name instead of the filename.
param Font Filenames
desc These are full filenames of the fonts to be loaded from the
/fonts/ folder of your project. Separate each with ,
default cc-wild-words.ttf, ds-pixel-cyr.ttf

param Font Families
desc The font family names of the fonts. Keep them in the same
order as the parameter above. Separate each with ,
default CC Wild Words, DS Pixel Cyr


紹介ページ https://github.com/suppayami/yami-engine-delta/blob/master/demo/js/plugins/YEP_LoadCustomFonts.js