「Final Fantazy X」のアルベド語辞書のような言語を学習するためのシステムを提供するプラグイン – SRCrazy_LanguagePrimers.js

Provides a system for learning lanuages like the Al Bhed Primers in Final Fantazy X
param Default Format
desc The escape-code formatting for the default text
default: \c[0]
default \c[0]

param Untranslated Format
desc The escape-code formatting for displaying the untranslated letters
default: \c[1]
default \c[1]

param Translated Format
desc The escape-code formatting for displaying the translated letters
default: \c[0]
default \c[0]

help============================================================================ S_Rank_Crazy's Language Primers
By using notetags and/or plugin commands you can add simple substitution-based
language learning (like the Al Bhed language in Final Fantasy X).

All SRCrazy plugins are rename safe - you can rename the file and it'll still
work. All parameters and commands are case-safe (no need to worry about
case-sensitive input) unless specifically stated.

MVCommons supported but not required for use.


Give a language its own format for when untranslated
Set up multiple languages
Use notetags to control which items translates which set of letters for which


The following tags can be used to manage the state of the language "primers".
A primer is an item that unlocks a single letter for a language. When text for
that language appears, known letters will be displayed. The tag can be used
multiple times for an item in order to have in unlock more than one letter.

<LanguagePrimer: translated untranslated language>
LanguagePrimer is the tag that denotes what letter an item unlocks for a
language. The structure of the parameter is as follows:

The letter that should appear when translated

The letter that should appear when not translated

language (optional)
If specified, denotes the language to which the primer belongs


If this plugin is active you can use the following commands:

LanguagePrimers addlanguage language format
Adds support for a new language, if language already exists, can be used
to update the colour it uses. The value used for 'format' an escape-code
string. E.g. \c[0] colours the letter using colour at index 0.

LanguagePrimers add itemId translated untranslated language
This acts the same way as the item not tags; sets up the letter associations

LanguagePrimers addPrimer translated language
Adds the Primer item to the inventory

LanguagePrimers removePrimer translated language
Removes the Primer item from the inventory

No personal credit required, but always appreciated.
Free for personal and commercial use.

紹介ページ https://github.com/agent-bizzle/rmmv-plugins/blob/master/legacy/SRCrazy_LanguagePrimers.js